Elephants Without Borders is a registered tax-exempt 501(c)3 public charity, which relies totally on donor support and grants. Donations are tax-deductible under section 170 of the IRS Code.

Maximizing donor funds is our greatest concern and we guarantee our donors that their generous gifts go directly to their intended projects aimed at conserving elephants, wildlife and natural resources. In order to comply with Botswana company laws, and ensure vigilant accounting, Elephants Without Borders is audited by a highly reputable firm each financial year.

Each donation is vital to EWB’s mission and we send you a Trumpet of Thanks!


Checks sent to USA: made out to Elephants Without Borders or EWB, Inc.
500 Linwood Ave., Buffalo, NY, 14209 USA
Phone/fax: 001 (716) 884-1548


Credit Cards, please click on the Donate button below and you will be taken to a secure banking site which will process your transaction. We have done this to ensure you have a 100% safe and secure experience.

This is a 2 minute, safe and simple process and we thank you for your contribution to wildlife conservation.



Checks sent to Botswana: made out to: Somarela Trust
P.O.Box 682, Kasane, Botswana

International wire transfers sent to Botswana:
First National Bank of Botswana, International Trade, Kasane Branch
Account Name: Somarela Trust
Account Number: 2310101243401
Swift code: FIRNBWGX
Branch (Routing) Number: 285167

Botswana domestic wire transfers can be sent to:
First National Bank of Botswana, Kasane Branch
Account Name: Somarela Trust
Account Number: 62068176554
Branch (Routing) Number: 285167

Elephants Without Borders Fundraising List

Your kind donations could buy:

$25 Batteries, Duct tape, Medical supplies?
$35 Field Boots or Uniforms for Staff/Scouts, misc camp supplies?
$50 Cross-border fees for EWB team, Staff/Scout bedding roll?
$85 Field spotlight, Printer cartridges?
$100 Educational materials distributed to one class or small village?
$150 Digital camera for Scout, Tire for field vehicle?
$200 Training of 1 farmer in Human Elephant Conflict
$250 Diesel fuel for a 5 day field trip, Game scout GPS?
$300 1hour aerial search in a fixed wing plane,
$400 SAT phone minutes?for the field season?
$750 Vet fee & drugs to immobilize 1 elephant, Drum of Av Gas
$800 Satellite phone?
$1,200 1hour helicopter flight time or a 12v Engel Fridge for camp
$6,000 Satellite elephant collar?
$12,000 Inclusive costs to satellite collar one elephant

Wishful thinking… Dreams do come true!

$25,000 A trip for you and your family (4-6) to visit EWB in the field on a 5 day
personal safari and elephant collaring expedition and receive routine
progress on it’s movements (Airfare not included)
$35,000 Land Cruiser 4x4
$40,000 Contribution for a Botswana Masters degree or PhD project

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